by Daniella Genas
2 mins read
11th 2021 January

From Mobile App Brainstorming, To 200% Core Business Revenue Growth.

Link3Recruitment is a recruitment and training agency which operates across the East Midlands within the education sector.

The Problem

The Co Founders wanted to explore how the development of a mobile app could be used for growth of the business. The idea was very loose and they needed assistance with creating a research, development and implementation plan. Additionally, the business was lacking structure and a clear vision. Each of the directors had their own understanding of the direction the business should be going and their own role within it. However, this was not consistent or refined.

The Process.

The work began with a Vision:20 session working with the co founders to generate a 3 year vision which combined all of their ideas about the direction of the business into one shared vision. Through this process, key gaps were identified and listed as actions within the associated action plan. Goals were set which took each team members specific areas of focus into consideration.

Extensive work was completed to develop in-depth customer personas. These personas were used as a basis of a market research plan. They were then tested and verified to ensure the team had a clear understanding of their core target groups and segments. These were then used to identify how the business could generate additional value for their core target groups. A basic marketing strategy was also developed utilising the feedback from the market

The Outcomes

The company has made huge strides forward, achieving major growth.  The internal structure has been solidified with a clear growth strategy executed. The team are much more confident about their aspirations and how to achieve them.

The operations manual enabled them to achieve framework status, leading to a  strong pipeline of clients. There success have been recognised with accolades including Startup of the Year at the Nottingham Post awards.

The Results

Team growth to 6

Revenue growth of over 200%

2 Award wins.


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