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9th 2020 November

How She’s the Boss Helped Car Buying Guru achieve 6 Figure Growth

Car Buying Guru is a digital car dealership specialising in sourcing and providing finance for new and used cars. Car Buying Guru was Founded in June 2017 by Gavin Cameron and Lee Elliot.

Here’s how She’s the Boss helped Gavin create a succinct and actionable 3 year plan for growth which was achieved in 18months.

The Problem:

Gavin began working with She’s the Boss in 2018. He lacked a clear plan for the business and needed some assistance with taking his ideas and putting them into a comprehensive strategy. The business was generating revenues, but not at the level that Gavin envisioned. The business had some structure in place but required development in key areas to achieve the desired success.

The Process

The initial work carried out was the development of a 3 year Vision strategic vision for the business. This detailed the key success metrics to be achieved by 2021 along with the strategic annual goals and action plan.

An innovation process was created for the business to enable the continued creation, selection and implementation of new and innovative ideas for the business. This was followed by brainstorming of ideas for the business using Blue Ocean strategy concepts to identify key areas to achieve competitive advantage.

Customer personas were developed detailing the characteristics, buying attitudes, pains of the companies key target customers. This was used to develop key messages and create a strong value proposition development statement.

A basic marketing and PR strategy was created to help raise the awareness of the business amongst the core target demographic.

Gavin was supported in developing financial projections and assessing profitability, as well as implementing financial management systems.

Time was also spent focusing on developing strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Next Steps:

Once the initial bulk of the work was completed, Gavin began a monthly coaching programme to focus on mindset, accountability and support. During this period the business entered a sustained period of growth.

To ensure the new team were offering consistency, to boost the growth and increase efficiency, they hired Daniella to complete a Build My Business process. An operations manual was developed for the business, training carried out with the team and an online business system was created.

The Outcomes

The business has entered a period of sustained growth. The management team are clear on who they are targeting and effective strategies for doing so. The business has clearly defined systems and processes and an operations manual, which has helped with improving efficiency and profitability. The profile of the company has been raised substantially, as well as that of Gavin as the founder.


  • Revenue growth by 6 figures
  • 7 New team members
  • Acquired an office unit
  • Award win

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