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Think Big And Take Action To Achieve Big Goals.

The most common characteristic of my high growth clients, is their mindset. Being resilient, proactive and solution-focused are all part and parcel of ensuring your business is always reaching milestones and you, as the owner, are smashing goals. As we constantly revisit goals, it’s good to think about our approach to achieving them. We must also be committed to putting in the hard work to get the 4 mins read

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5 Ways to Transform Your Business

You have been running your business for a number of years and have achieved some growth. Not as much as you’d like but enough to enable you to stay in business and maybe even take on one or two members of staff. However, recently you have hit a plateau. You are rushed off your feet operationally, but aren’t really hitting the sales you need to level up your business. Rather than continue hoping fo 8 mins read

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Are You Really Cut Out For Entrepreneurship

Whilst entrepreneurship has become sexy in these social media times, it is important to note that it is really difficult. For the most part, entrepreneurs share their successes and not so much their failures and losses. It is therefore not always clear quite how difficult it is. As I support a broad and diverse range of entrepreneurs, all who are seeking business growth, I know first hand that man 5 mins read

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4 Reasons You Should Be Building Yourself Out of Your Business

Although often very rewarding, running a small business can be incredibly tough. Particularly if you build a business which is reliant on you, which unfortunately, is what many small business owners inadvertently do. However, it is not the right thing to do, particularly if you are trying to achieve growth. Some small business owners wear their businesses reliance on them like a badge of honour “m 4 mins read

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4 Ways Strong Branding Can Help To Attract New Clients & Customers

Whatever industry or sector your business operates in, competition is continually increasing. Standing out in the market place is becoming increasingly difficult, as businesses are often competing in loud and overwhelming spaces. Additionally, customers and clients are expecting more from the organisations that they spend their hard earned money with. Therefore, businesses need to be much more int 4 mins read

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Your Mindset Is the Key To Business Growth

There are so many business owners who do not appreciate the gravity of this statement. Yet it may truly be one of the major keys to business success. For countless business owners, access to finance, securing top talent, consistent sales and so many other areas are prioritised as key business success factors. Mindset is normally not even entered into the conversation. However, the right mindset ha 5 mins read

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Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

I have recently been reading the book “Mindset” By Dr Carol Dweck. The book is phenomenal and I would highly recommend it. The book is really focused on the principles that we all have either a fixed or a growth mindset. Those with a fixed mindset believe that their intelligence is fixed and cannot be changed. They often blame others and circumstances for their lack of progression or failures. The 4 mins read

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8 things you should do before the end of 2021

December has always been a time for introspection, reflection and strategizing for me. I use December to plan for the year ahead rather than waiting until January. Taking this approach has always proven successful as it means in January when others are doing this work, I am a month ahead. It is something which I recommend all business owners do. By the time it gets to January, you are most likely 5 mins read

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The power of the personal brand

A personal brand can open a lot of doors for a business owner. Whilst some people will seize any opportunity to share their story, some prefer to keep it under wraps and stay behind the scenes. There are those that just haven’t considered how much of an impact their personal brand can be and what it involves to take your place as an authoritative figure within your industry. When done right, it ca 5 mins read

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