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The power of the personal brand

A personal brand can open a lot of doors for a business owner. Whilst some people will seize any opportunity to share their story, some prefer to keep it under wraps and stay behind the scenes. There are those that just haven’t considered how much of an impact their personal brand can be and what it involves to take your place as an authoritative figure within your industry. When done right, it ca 5 mins read

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Rethinking your strategy when facing setbacks

We all set out to accomplish our goals, no matter how big or small. They ensure we aspire towards continual growth and stay on target to achieve the vision we have set for ourselves and for our business. But achieving them isn’t just about setting clearly defined goals and wanting them badly enough. You have to have grit, determination and most importantly deploy the right strategies. But wh 5 mins read

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5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur 

So you’ve set up your business, embedded all of the necessary systems, processes and automation, curated a loyal customer base and onboarded staff to allocate specific tasks and projects to, but where do you fit into all of this? When everything is running like clockwork and everyone has a dedicated role in the management of the business, as an owner, it’s easy to grow complacent or interfere and 4 mins read

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4 Systems Your Business Needs To Facilitate Growth

Having the right systems can mean the difference between a structured, profitable and solutions-focused business and a dysfunctional, unproductive one. The secret is to find the right software with the right combination of tools to maximise your business’s productivity by keeping everyone’s work organised, your teams in sync, and business booming. Modern software and tools help organisations 3 mins read

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Is Fear Stunting Your Business Growth?

Recently I have had several conversations with clients regarding the steps they are taking towards business growth. More specifically, the steps they are not taking. The opportunities they are not pursuing and the actions they are procrastinating on because they are scared of hearing those dreaded two letters: NO. I can relate. There have been times in my life where I have lacked confidence in my 3 mins read

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How to Identify KPIs For Your Business

Determining what success looks like for your business and how well your business has performed is measured through key performance indicators or KPIs. Factoring these into the overall strategy will allow you to evaluate progress in real-time, identify areas for improvement and set new goals so that your business is constantly evolving. One of the most effective tools for performance measurement, a 4 mins read

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Turning a Side-Hustle into a Full-Time Business

Being able to say you are your own boss is something many people yearn for. It has inspired a wealth of side-hustlers determined to cross over into full-time entrepreneurship. Lockdown has also afforded us the free-time to realise our creative potential and has driven our sense of ambition. Given the circumstances, it’s easy to see why many of us have reconsidered our career paths and our true pas 3 mins read

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5 Things That Every Small Business Needs

Running a business is time consuming. There are so many day to day, operational tasks that need completing. Often they pop up just as you thought you had carved out some time to focus on strategic tasks. However, if you have growth aspirations for your business, it is key that you find the time to ensure your business has the following: Strategic Vision Document A strong, well considered strategic 2 mins read

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Big Business Energy

There is a misconception amongst some small business owners. The false idea that because you run a small business, you should operate like a small business. That you should not hold yourself to the same standards or deliver to the same level as that of a big business. It is a fallacy. Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you should act like one, in fact, if you want to achieve busin 7 mins read

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