She’s the Boss equips ambitious entrepreneurs with the tools, guidance and accountability to build profitable, sustainable, systems driven businesses.

Daniella Genas, Founder of She’s the Boss, has provided business support to a diverse variety of businesses in a range of industries. She has experience of adding significant value to businesses of all sizes ranging from solopreneurs to multi-million-pound companies. The company has a proven track record of accelerating the growth of all clients, with several achieving 6 figure growth.

The name ‘She’s the Boss’ was given to Daniella because of her strategic prowess and authority in business, but she works with business owners of all genders.


After providing entrepreneur and SME’s with growth strategies for several years, She’s the Boss has recognised the key components that generate business growth and developed The STB Model for Business Growth & Sustainability, which comprises of 5 key components. When implemented effectively, the STB Model will help you to gain control of your business, implement the necessary building blocks and achieve rapid, sustainable and long-term success.


Creation of a compelling Vision for your business with associated goals and action plans

Without a clear vision, your company lacks direction and purpose. Having a clear vision improves your chances of business success by providing you with a long term plan for your business that can be easily communicated and understood by stakeholders both internally and externally. It provides a blueprint, defining where your business plans to be in the future. This acts as the first step in helping you on the journey to success.


Carrying out ideation to generate ideas that will help your business to be competitive.

Developing new products, services or models to boost the business performance.

Businesses all over the world are vanishing due to lack of innovation and an inability to keep up with their competitors. By having a robust innovation process you give your business a fighting chance at survival and overall success. Without having an innovation strategy you run the risk of becoming obsolete.


Identifying the key strategies your business must implement to achieve long term success and make your vision a reality.

If the vision is the blueprint, the strategies are the building blocks. The strategies define the “how” the “why”, the “when” and by “whom” that will aid in you reaching your long term vision. Without strategy, your vision will not be actualised.


Creating, mapping and reviewing the key systems and processes required for your business to operate effectively. Developing digital and physical operations manuals that provide a full overview of each area of your business.

Businesses that are heavily reliant on the know-how and memories of the Founders or key staff members are vulnerable. Ensuring that company knowledge and methods are documented, is integral to building a scaleable, resilient enterprise. It is also the key to garnering the interest of funders, investors and/or buyers.


Identifying key performance indicators and success metrics. Monitoring and reporting progress

Tracking metrics allows you to improve the overall results of the business. It lets you align your people and processes with your overall objectives. Having reporting processes in place will also highlight issues impacting the business, enabling you to increase efficiencies and productivity overall.


Daniella Genas is a multi-award winning strategy and innovation expert, business consultant and entrepreneur with 15 years of business experience. Daniella has the proven ability to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses. She has done this several times over.

She has used her techniques, experience and training, to generate significant results among the companies she has worked with. Key metrics include increased turnover and profits, increased staff, launch of new products/services and increased brand awareness across several businesses, in a diverse range of sectors. She has successfully helped several SMEs to increase their turnover by up to six figures. Daniella is also experienced in supporting organisations to identify staff issues, creating tangible solutions and creating inclusive company cultures.

Daniella launched her first successful business in 2007 and her second business in 2014. She sold both businesses in 2015. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavours, Daniella lists University Lecturer, Charity Trustee and Visiting Industrial Fellow as roles in her portfolio career.

With an MBA (Advance Strategy & Innovation) and Masters in Enterprise under her belt, alongside her entrepreneurial experience and formal business training, Daniella has a breadth of knowledge which has proven invaluable to the clients she works with.

“Daniella’s help has been invaluable to realise my potential and be braver in my business, more than this she has made me realise my worth. The greatest impact has been being able to talk through problems with someone that has been through it.”

Kelly Walker-Reed, IHC


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