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Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

I have recently been reading the book “Mindset” By Dr Carol Dweck. The book is phenomenal and I would highly recommend it. The book is really focused on the principles that we all have either a fixed or a growth mindset. Those with a fixed mindset believe that their intelligence is fixed and cannot be changed. They often blame others and circumstances for their lack of progression or failures. The 4 mins read

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8 things you should do before the end of 2021

December has always been a time for introspection, reflection and strategizing for me. I use December to plan for the year ahead rather than waiting until January.  Taking this approach has always proven successful as it means in January when others are doing this work, I am a month ahead. It is something which I recommend all business owners do. By the time it gets to January, you are most likely 5 mins read

Our revenues increased by 25%

“I can't recommend her highly enough, she's been invaluable to our business ”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your coaching programmes last?

Support programmes last from 3 months to a year.

Can you pay in instalments

At the discretion of She’s the Boss.

Do you guarantee business growth or increased revenues/profits?

No. We cannot guarantee any specific change as it is up to you to implement any recommendations made. The outcomes are dependent on you taking the necessary actions to further your business, but we have evidence that our processes work.

Do you offer face to face support?

One-off consultations are offered face to face. However, coaching programmes are typically delivered via Zoom. However, in person sessions will incur an additional fee to cover travel.

Will I have to do homework?

Yes. On the coaching programmes, there is always work to do in your own time. This helps to ensure that even when you are out of session, you are still making progress.

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